Sales Order Processing

Implementing an ERP system will take pressure off your sales desk. Orders will be automatically confirmed to customers, stock will be reserved and if required a matching purchase order can be raised at your supplier. All with a couple of mouse clicks. If stock on items drops below minimum trigger levels, replenishment advice will be sent to your purchasing department.

Order picking 

It can get quite chaotic in the warehouse during busy periods. The wrong goods get picked and shipped resulting in seriously unhappy customers. And returns, and credit notes and repacking and reshipping and reinvoicing …. And your margins get hammered. A good ERP system will streamline your order picking process.  


Not delivering the right goods on time to the right customer can be kill your business. Getting your ERP up and going will iron out the kinks in your supply chain. SalesManager Online can handle shipments from multiple warehouses or warehouse locations. 


Track and Trace with Transsmart

Picking the right forwarding company is always a challenge. Once you have made a choice it is difficult to ignore a special offer from another shipper that you are not linked up to. We have solved this problem by interfacing with Transsmart which offers integration of shipment data with over 350 forwarding companies in Europe.

Sales Invoicing

Cash is king! Send out the invoice the minute the goods are shipped. Yet, often this is delayed to the detriment of your cash flow. A good ERP system will suggest at any given moment what needs to be invoiced. Get paid faster. Invoicing can be done on an ad-hoc basis or in a batches. And digitally via PDF or UBL.

Hard and Soft stock reservations

An order is an order. Done deal. Or is it? Your best sales guy will tell you the fat lady has sung and he wants to reserve that precious piece of stock to fulfil his order and keep his customer happy. But the order does not go through. Using hard and soft stock reservations ensures that your inventory does not get tied up and improves your cash flow.



Replenishment is a science in itself. When we should we reorder goods. ERP systems work with min/max levels and in combination with actual stock, in transit goods, the sales pipeline are well setup to ensure that you have just enough ( and not too much) stock to fulfil your order.

Purchase Orders

When do we buy? What do we buy and at what price. These are the daily challenges confronting procurement professionals. An ERP’s replenishment system will suggest what you should buy. It should also suggest what price you should be buying at based on the volumes in mind.

Incoming goods

Forwarders always seem to pitch up at the same time. Nobody in the warehouse has been told  what was coming in and when. A good ERP system will inform the warehouse on time what shipments they can expect per day per bay. Using Barcodes and intuitive ERP software will ensure speedy booking of incoming goods.


Invoice Scan and Recognition Software

Have you received the purchase invoice? SalesManager Online retrieves real-time the already scanned invoice form Basecone and matches this with your purchase order and the incoming goods. The invoice is than booked seamlessly through to your Twinfield bookkeeping.

Purchase Invoices

So you don’t use Basecone’s Invoice Scan and Recogition integration. SalesManager Online will suggest, based on the incoming goods booked, what the Purchase Invoice should look like. We know what we got in and the price ordered at, so this should match up. If you are authorised, then one click should ensure that the invoice in booked and posted in Twinfield.

Stock Control

The bane of every trading company. How much can I still sell? What can I promise my customers? A good inventory management component of your ERP system will keep this in line. A dream is to have a warehouse that is so well-organized, anyone can show up and know what goes where and why. This starts with labelling every storage space and inventory item. At first, you will run into no end of problems to solve. But soon you will discover all sorts of opportunities. Your top-selling item can be kept right next to the loading dock to cut down on warehouse traffic. You can store twice as much of X if you put in smaller shelves. The sooner you do it, the better.



An advance ship notice or advance shipping notice (ASN) is a notification of pending deliveries, similar to a packing list. The ASN can be used to list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, markings, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment. The ASN enables the sender to describe the contents and configuration of a shipment in various levels of detail and provides an ordered flexibility to convey information. By sending ASN’s to your customers, you can help them plan in their own goods processing operation more efficiently. Another happy customer!

Warehouse Management

SalesManager Online offers basic Warehouse Management support. We can sticker your goods and pick locations and support extensive barcoding. SalesManager Online support unlimited warehouses. Your service vehicles are examples of this. With our LoadingList support intelligent picking of goods for pallets or trucks can be streamlined made more efficient for the pickers in your warehouse.


Stock Takes

Nobody’s favourite job. Stock Takes. Yet is has to be done. We advise companies to do it regulairly and not postpone it until the end of the year. If there are problems in your supply chain, then counting once a month will highlight them earlier. You can then you can take measures to correct them. SalesManager Online helps you to complete Stock Takes in a quick and way manner.


Stock control of assembled goods, especially for industries where batch and serial number registration is a compliance issue, can be quite daunting to manage. SalesManager Online simplifies this process and automates the stock control.


There are more than 100 bookkeeping packages out there. They all have their sweet spots, be it usability, user-friendliness, price or accreditation. SalesManager Online is built to communicate with any open accounting software system. Debtor, creditors, sales and purchase invoices postings are all supported functions. We retrieve account receivables as well. Standard interfaces for Twinfield and Exact Online are available.

RMA's – Returns

A return merchandise authorization (RMA is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the product's warranty period. The purchaser of the product must contact the manufacturer (or distributor or retailer) to obtain authorization to return the product. The resulting RMA number must be displayed on or included in the returned product's packaging. SalesManager Online fully automates this process.


Process Bars

Many logistic tasks within an organisation are very repetitive and subjective to error. Book the order, print the confirmation, reserve the stock etc. Forget the confirm the order to the customer and the phone rings with a frustrated customer. SalesManager Online offers customers customisable Process Bars to streamline these processes and ensure with one mouse click all relevant steps within that process are carried out.