SalesManager Online offers fully customisable Dashboard Management facilities for users or groups of users. All objects in the SalesManager Online ERD can be added to a dashboard. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) from various departments can easily be added to the personalised dashboard of a user or group of users.

 Leads, opportunities and quotes would be most common by an account manager; while a service agent would typically want service tickets, resolution times, service planning and service contracts in his or her Dashboard. Orders, shipments and invoices for the logistics department.

Account Management

All base information about customers and suppliers (account management) can be stored and searched on here. No limit is set on the number of fields user wish to search on. The search criteria can easily be changed. With Twinfield integration the supplier and customer base data is seamlessly updated in the creditors and debtor ledgers in f.e. Twinfield.

A corporate structure of different companies relating to a given company can be defined and made available to the account managers. Third-parties that are involved with an account can also be registered (Proffered suppliers, competitors, advisors etc.). The team at your company with the roles they play at an account can also be setup. These roles are used within the SalesManager Workflow for determining which user to allocate to an automatic task.

B2B en B2C

The SalesManager Online model supports not only a business-to-business sales model, but also a business-to-consumer model (B2C). A person can also be an employee of a company, or perform multiple roles at many companies. A person can be a consultant at one company, board member of another and a committee member of the local golf club. Opportunities, orders, shipments, invoices, SLA’s etc. can be tracked per person in a B2C business environment.

Agenda management

SalesManager supports a GroupWare or team approach to agenda management. Users can make appointments for themselves or other users if so authorised. All agendas of all users may be visible if security permits. Calendar and to-do’s can be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.


SalesManager Online offers extensive opportunity management facilities. Opportunities can be tracked from an initial enquiry through to the eventual order. All contact that takes place plus all documentation sent is registered in the system. Forecasting and pipelining is incorporated.

Products and services can of course be added to each opportunity, as can documents like RFI’s, RFP’s, Quotes etc. from the SalesManager Document Management System. Quotations can be generated on the fly by mail-merging SalesManager templates with Microsoft Word.

Workflow management

SalesManager Online offers extensive workflow management. Workflows can be initiated from any part of the SalesManager Online environment. Workflow is event driven. In simple terms an event in a company’s daily business can be used to trigger a workflow. This could be an extension of a contract, a promised delivery of goods not met or the expiration of the payments of an invoice.

An event can be a simple to-do in the SalesManager Online system for a user to take action. Follow up on a quotation, calls for unpaid bills or contacting a supplier for late delivery of goods. An event can also be an e-mail to either users of the system or contacts with the SalesManager Online environment. The work flow can also mail-merge a standard MS Word document and mail that to a customer. Contract extensions including details of the existing contract would be an example of this. Alerts, known by SalesManager Online as I-Mail push real-time messages to users of the system.

Document management

SalesManager Online contains a complete document management system. Documents of any format can be stored in the database or if required linked to from your own third party DMS. Mail-merge output, e-mail attachments or simply brochures or pricelists can be added to the database as documents and later attached to customers in SalesManager CRM. Simply clicking on the stored document will initiate the associated viewer (Word, Excel, Adobe, AutoCAD etc.) and open the document.

Documents are not only linked to an account or person, but also to any object within the SalesManager Online suite. A PDF of a purchase order or a Request for Proposal can be linked to the purchase order itself. Quotes issued or pricelists sent can be attached to opportunities and orders.


An essential component of every CRM system is the means to be able to leverage the data in your database for marketing purposes. Many CRM databases like SalesManager contain thousands of fields, which may or may not be of interest to the marketing professional. CampaignManager addresses these requirements and is an essential addition to our stable of CRM products for heavy-usage customers.